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Foodity: Save Food - Save the planet
About Foodity

Foodity is a low cost surplus food meals app for businesses in high end culinary arts and hospitality industries. The app is an initiative of Sustainable Food Movement Greece on a mission to urge food retailers and distributors eliminate food waste in the Greek retail segment, specifically designed for distinguished hotels and restaurants.

The mission targets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12, the goal of responsible production and consumption, by rescuing surplus food and making it available to consumers at very low cost.

foodity encourages business owners to become environmentally sustainable while saving money and offers to consumers the opportunity to taste fresh, high quality food, prepared and cooked by distinguished Chefs at a unique value for money. Our web app connects users with delicious food, taking a step to reduce food waste!

The Food Facts Food waste has increased by 204% since 1960.
As of now:
1 About one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption — 1.3 billion tons — gets lost or wasted every year.
2 The average European household throws away £1800 in food annually.
3 4. 88M tonnes were the food waste in Europe in 2016. 17% of it originates in Food Service & Retail Industry.
4 5. 474K tonnes of food is wasted annually in Greece. HORECA enterprises are responsible for 13% of it.
5 Yearly CO₂ emissions from food waste is equivalent to that of 3 million cars.
foodity tackles food waste in high end restaurants and hotels while can be applicable to any large enterprises that serve food meals such as shopping malls, caterings, cruise ships etc. To learn more about food waste, visit The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
The Food Waste Problem About one third of food is not eaten. Instead, it is thrown out - along with the water, energy, farmland, fertilizer, pesticides, and labor that went into producing it. In Greece, most companies waste around 300 meals of prepared food monthly*. It’s challenging for businesses to estimate the predicted consumption of their customers, and through Foodity, we can ensure that excess food is not wasted. This results in not only a wastage of resources, but it also harms to our environment. Currently, if food wastage was a country, it would be the third biggest country contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. At Foodity, we want to rescue the food and allow people to have access to lower priced meal options.

*8-10 servings a day
For more information about the resources wasted due to food wastage, visit the Natural Resource Defense Council.
The Solution

At Foodity, we are working hard to alleviate the food waste problem by connecting people who are looking for high-quality meals at lower prices and restaurants that have excess (perfectly delicious) food.

We partner with any high end restaurants, hotels, boutique hotels and B&B premium hospitality businesses, corporate offices, catering services and even shopping malls and cruise ships, to source this surplus and provide people and all type of consumers with quality food at low, discounted prices. In doing so, we are also aiming to build a community, inspiring food providers and people to connect with and meet their neighbors as we match them within 1 mile map radius.

So far, Foodity has helped the community save
463,249 tons of food
463 tons of CO2
463 liters of water
463 full meals
To learn more about the program, click here.
We couldn’t have done this without our partners:
The Program: How to Buy
foodity encourages you to fight food waste by buying low cost, fresh meals any time of the day, wherever you are! Remember you’ll need to walk that extra mile and create less CO2... Just follow these 4 steps and be a surplus food lover!
1 Choose a restaurant or premium hotel from the list.
2 Select a meal of your choice, serving size, and time slot.
3 Register to sign-up, complete the payment online, and then receive the meal voucher and receipt through email.
4 Pick up your meal within 30 minutes with your meal voucher and receipt.
If you have any questions or concerns, please click here.
The Program: How to Sell
You can now use foodity to sell surplus meals all day long, by choosing timeslot and meal category. Start today and become a proud food waste warrior!
1 Register your restaurant's account.
2 Εnter information for your restaurant including usernames of staff on shift.
3 Add meals including portions, type, and pick-up time.
4 View all your orders ready for pick up.
If you have any questions or concerns, please click here.
If you have any questions or want to learn more about Foodity, please contact us:
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